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Diamonds from the Dead. Memorial diamonds.

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Would you like to become a diamond after death? For more than 15 years, a way was discovered to turn human dust or just the hair of a deceased person into diamonds.

For the first time, technology for converting human dust into diamonds was patented by Life Gem diamonds in 1999 and introduced to the general public in 2002. Since then, such a service has become increasingly popular, especially in the United States, Japan and European countries. Currently, there are already several dozen companies in the world that create diamonds from human dust. If initially ashes from cremation were required to make memorial diamonds, now a lock of hair of a deceased person is enough for this. Moreover, more and more companies are ready to “immortalize in stone” not only your deceased relatives and loved ones, but also your pets!

The process of creating memorial diamonds is almost identical to how synthetic diamonds are made. Prices in companies are very different, from 5,000 to 22,000 dollars, depending on what size of diamond you want to convert.

It takes 12-14 weeks from ordering to receiving faceted stone. Companies usually produce stones ranging in size from 0.25 to 2 carats, depending on the client’s budget. To produce a yellow diamond (price — $ 6,250 per carat) requires approximately 100 grams of ash or 35-40 grams of hair. To make a blue stone (price — $ 11,750 per carat), you need 500 grams of dust or 100 grams of hair. In fact, it does not matter which part of the body goes to the diamond, carbon can be extracted from everything, albeit in different quantities.

The best quality and the lowest price for memorial diamonds is provided by the urmydiamond company.

What else determines the size of the resulting diamond?

As a rule, the value of diamond directly depends on the time spent by carbon in the apparatus. That is, the longer it is inside, the greater its value as a result.

But no less important is the quality of the source material. For example, if a person wore any prostheses or took certain medications, then his ashes will not be so clean, and, accordingly, the quality of a diamond will be worse.

What is the difference between artificial diamond and real?

Artificial stones are also real, because absolutely all chemical and physical properties of diamonds are inherent in them. But since they were created by man, they therefore have less value.

However, with the naked eye, an artificial diamond cannot be distinguished from a natural one. Even an experienced jeweler will not be able to do this. They can only be distinguished by chemical screening, which will tell if the origin of the stone was natural or not.

P.S.Not everyone, however, wants to remain in the memory of their descendants with jewelry. There are those who strive to become, say, an underwater reef.

When it is dumped into the tropical sea, and the fish with algae settle it, then after a while it will be possible to dive with fins and a mask on this reef. Dived, visited the grave. There are still people who are windy in life who, even after death, prefer to remain windy.

Say, in the famous Sotheby’s auction, a specialist in hunting rifles worked. Before his death, he bequeathed to mix himself with shot and wad and on the next hunt for partridges literally took off into the air.

The writer Philip Pullman made the stuffing for forty missiles from the ashes of his stepfather and then made a beautiful salute from them.

But the most popular so far according to statistics among most people is the organic way — to become a tree. They put you in the ground in a cardboard coffin and plant an oak on top, and you become an oak. Or ash.

One thing is dangerous — suddenly an attacker then cuts you down for firewood.

Not only will you burn, but also the ash will be thrown away.