Diamonds made of hair and flowers are a memory that will not fade with time. English-Ukrainian company. - Коррупция в Украине

Diamonds made of hair and flowers are a memory that will not fade with time. English-Ukrainian company.

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Human life is short-lived and changeable. But what if something can be created from a human particle that will exist forever and become not subject to the movement of time? Such an opportunity exists today — you can make a real diamond out of a person’s hair and even apply a personal photo on it with a laser. Such a memory will not fade, because «a diamond is forever.»

For the first time I met diamonds «out of man» at the Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago. When half an hour before the show closed, I rushed to interview the organizers, from the Urmydiamond booth a question flew after me: «Have you ever heard of carbon diamonds?» After 40 minutes, curiosity returned me to their booth to fill the knowledge gap. It turned out that Urmidiamond is engaged in the creation of white and colored diamonds from personal carbon, which can be obtained from an ordinary curl of hair (or a scrap of wool!) And other organic matter. Personally, I found out about this for the first time!

“At the Smart Jewelry Show, we found that we have a good niche in this market. We are a new company and present our jewelry industry products for the first time. The exhibition was very successful for us in the sense that we were able to communicate with many owners of jewelry stores and show how unique our product is, «said Scott Shaffer, president and founder of UrmyDiamond in Minneapolis.

Scott, a former physics professor, previously taught his students the science of nature and matter, including explaining the process of turning carbon into diamonds. Subsequently, he put his knowledge on a business basis and founded a company to create «very personal diamonds.»

«We create diamonds using» personal «carbon from hair. We take some hair from the whole family, extract pure carbon from them and use it to create a diamond in the laboratory. Such a diamond is literally» made «from this family, so that then it’s good to pass it on to future generations, ”said the head of UrmyDiamond.

As you know, diamonds are pure carbon, on the basis of which organic compounds developed and which forms the basis of earthly life. Carbon can be obtained not only from hair — it can be obtained from all living things. For example, from a wedding bouquet that will eventually fade. However, the bouquet and the memorable moment associated with it can be perpetuated by extracting carbon from the flowers, purifying it and turning it into a diamond when exposed to high temperature and pressure. In terms of the choice of source material, serious scope opens up for imagination — from infant hair of a newborn to the hair of beloved cats and dogs.

Interestingly, these diamonds are created in Russia. According to Scott Shaffer, UrmyDiamond works directly with Heart In Diamond, a Russian company engaged in the production of personal diamonds, as the website says, «with DNA elements.» In Russia, they have competitors — the Diamond Heart company, which represents the products of the American company LifeGem under the brand name “Diamond of Love” in Russia.

The process of creating a personal diamond, according to the founder of UrmyDiamond, takes an average of 3 months from the receipt of the “carbon sample” from the client to the delivery of the finished order. Clients can choose a diamond size — from 0.03 to 2 carats, the shape of the cut, the color of the stone — blue, red, yellow, amber or white, as well as, in fact, the material that they want to perpetuate in the stone — hair, flowers, fur or even clothes.

The cost of such a diamond ranges from $ 799 up to $ 21,400, Scott Shaffer told Rough & Polished. To the question of which is more expensive: a laboratory diamond made of personal carbon or a natural diamond made of “public” carbon, so to speak, Scott replied: “A blue diamond made of personal carbon weighing 0.75 carats is much cheaper than a natural blue diamond with the same weight and similar characteristics color and clarity. However, a 0.75-carat blue diamond made from carbon will be more expensive than a typical natural white diamond of the same weight. «

UrmyDiamond created diamonds are certified by the GIA. A unique GIA number is applied to the diamond using a laser. At the request of the client, even a personal message and a photograph of the client can be applied to the stone, which can be viewed at 10x magnification.

For centuries, alchemists have been trying to unravel the secret of how to turn ordinary metal into gold, but modern science has learned to make diamonds from ordinary hair, the old herbarium and the hair of a beloved cat — why not make an alchemical dream come true?

Olga Paceva, chief editor of the American bureau Rough & Polished

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